About EcommerceSoftwareBlog.com

Hi there, I work as an online marketer for a fashion e-retailer, e-tailer or whatever what the buzzword of the day is. Outside of work I run a couple of small website and ecommerce projects.

Ecommerce is something I love doing both day and night. I remember my first ecommerce website, selling personalized dog bones (don't laugh). That didn't really take off but it was good way for me to learn more about software platforms and ecommerce in general; from web hosting, payment gateways, SSL certificates, shipping, packaging to dealing with customers and more.

Finding the right shopping cart solution isn't easy. This website really came about as a way for me to answer the number one question friends and people that I met often ask me after I have told them what I do, and that is: "So Matt, which ecommerce software platform do you think is good?"

Said and done. Here on ecommercesoftwareblog.com you find reviews of some of the best known and popular ecommerce software platforms out there. Hosted platforms I myself have come across and used. But more importantly, my aim with this site is to provide a bit of direction about which one of these ecommerce platforms are any good.

These ecommerce solutions are used by thousands of entrepreneurs (small and large) to host their online shops and sell their products online, but they all have their own individual features an pros and cons.

Feel free to get in touch with me via email or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or .