Ecommerce Software Features

The right hosted e-commerce software platform can catapult your online store to new heights of success, so it pays to take your time while looking for one. Before delving into our reviews of the most popular options, familiarize yourself with today's most common e-commerce software features to ensure that you get the perfect solution.

SKU & Inventory

SKU/Inventory Management

The platform you choose should make it a breeze to customize product descriptions, images, stock levels, prices and other criteria. Some also allow you to import products from elsewhere for seamless integration into your new store. Robust inventory tools are a must regardless of what you are selling.


Marketing Capabilities

Don't settle for a platform that just showcases your products. Choose one that is loaded with slick marketing features like social media tools, coupon codes and email marketing options. Features like abandoned cart memory can dramatically increase conversions too.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Friendliness

It's easy to get your store to the top of the search engine rankings when you rely on an e-commerce platform that includes powerful SEO tools. Customizable URLs and meta tags are a must, but you should also look for platforms that automatically generate sitemaps and perform other types of search engine optimization tasks.


Mobile Friendliness

If your e-commerce site doesn't render properly on mobile devices, you're going to miss out on all kinds of amazing opportunities. Insist on a platform that not only creates a great standard e-commerce site but that generates a mobile friendly one at the same time.

Design & Templates

Design and Templates

You shouldn't have to spend hours on end getting your e-commerce site looking great. The most popular e-commerce platforms include hundreds of ready-to-use templates. It's even better to select one that has customizable HTML and CSS, so you can give your site a unique look without a lot of trouble.

Apps & Plugins

Apps and Plugins

Steer clear of e-commerce platforms that don't seem to integrate easily with popular plugins and apps. The best ones are compatible with apps and plugins that enhance the functionality, appearance and usefulness of your online store.



You can't expect people to do business with you without building trust, so it's crucial to make security a top priority. Look for hosted e-commerce platforms that include the most cutting-edge security features, and make sure that your customers will feel comfortable about purchasing things from your website.

Support & Help

Support, Help and Tutorials

You shouldn't have to go it alone when using a hosted e-commerce platform. Don't settle for a solution that includes only bare-bones support. Things like online communities, webinars, workshops, tutorials, blogs and articles are all sure to come in handy as you create and enhance your e-commerce site.

Now that you know the basics of what to look for in a hosted e-commerce platform, you can put our handy reviews to more effective use. Whenever possible, sign up for free trials to get a clear idea about how an e-commerce software platform will work. In the end, you're sure to find the perfect e-commerce solution.

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